Help us help you get the treatment you need

    (06 May 2020)

    The latest NHS ‘Help Us Help You’ campaign is encouraging people to continue to seek urgent care and treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Contact the Elderly Tea Parties

    (09 Jul 2019)

    Our monthly meeting are one of our favourite activities here at the practice. We invite 6 or 7 of our very own Storrsdale patients to a tea party which offers a social opportunity for our elderly community.

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    CPR - How to restart a heart

    (05 Jul 2019)

    A short video for those interested in learning a life saving skill. Bystander CPR is very important and can save lives if done properly.

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    NHS Behind the headlines

    (04 Jul 2019)

    NHS behind the headlines break down the latest healthcare news to separate fact from fiction to ensure you get the bets information.

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    Welcome To Our New Website!

    (11 Mar 2019)

    We are proud to launch our new practice website, which aims to provide patients with a convenient way of finding out practice news, patient services & health resources, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

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