Contact the Elderly is a charity that is an amalgamation of lots of volunteers across the country that hold monthly tea parties and Storrsdale is one them. Their slogan is care, conversation and a cuppa and that is exactly what we try to provide for our monthly guests.

We care for all our patients and recognise that our elderly patients are often our most vulnerable group. We can all feel lonely at times and all it takes is a kind smile and a "how are you?" to make us feel better. At our tea parties we aim to bring people together to combat social isolation and reduce loneliness. 

In the UK more than two million people aged 75 and over who live alone, loneliness is their reality. Reduced social contact, feelings of loneliness, being alone and isolation are associated with decreased quality of life in many people. Loneliness means different thing to many people but for those who want more social interaction we aim to provide that. 

Not only are the meeting a great opportunity for guests it is also an opportunity for people to volunteer. Volunteering and giving back has shown to improve mental well being and in turn quality of life for many people. 

If you want to volunteer or be a guest at one of our monthly meeting please ask at Reception. We would love to have you come along.